A Memento in my Cellphone

Texting is a monster that has consumed the majority of us, especially in this last decade. Almost like a ritual that we follow every day, automatically and multiple times at that. It’s a crime that all of us are guilty of. How can we not be though? Texting, as an activity, is the simplest method... Continue Reading →

At 21.

The past couple of months have brought a lot of change in my life. In fact, if I look back at myself a year ago right now, I would be at my hometown of Ajmer, a small city in Rajasthan, watching a show on Netflix. That used to be my routine for a very very... Continue Reading →

I’m here.

I have a very fundamental problem with myself. It is ingrained in me and that inherent part has stirred various troubles over the last 21 years of my existence. But, I believe it has strongly exploded over the last few years. It’s the fact that I don’t open up in front of a lot of... Continue Reading →

Answers to the Chaos.

When I was a kid, I always went behind the things that were forbidden to me. Walked an extra mile just to taste that rebel flavour. Be it a cartoon show, Shinchan, that my mother had banned from the household or the jar of pickle shelved at the topmost slab. I would finish half of... Continue Reading →

Assumption is a Monster.

There has been a massive storm hovering above my home country over the last few days. Such is its audacity that it shut down schools and offices as they were drowning. So when my father and I were driving back home from a mall and the clouds burst open, we naturally got terrified. The roads... Continue Reading →

The Switch

The human mind is a frightening place, but perhaps, even more so are the emotions that our species face on a day to day basis. It varies from absolute anger lashed out on the rickshaw driver for denying your ride to a state of vulnerability where you are the most naked self. In spite of... Continue Reading →


I have a problem with letting go and of all the shortcoming I have as a person, that is the greatest one. I can’t even let go of the wooden stick that has the least value in a popsicle. I chew and chew on it like a dog with its bone till it become un-holdable... Continue Reading →


Analogies are strange but, an imperative tool for any writer. We cannot write any piece, article or radiate emotion without bringing in some sort of analogy. For example, I was sitting idle on my study table, thinking about my next piece. I wanted to write about control and the first thought that popped into my... Continue Reading →


It’s been an eventful year. Or rather an uneventful eventful year. It went by in a jiffy and there is very little that I remember about this year. I do but I have to stretch my brain like a rubber band to see the tiny bits of the elastic that are my memories of this... Continue Reading →

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